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Related post: Date: Thu, 1 Jun 2006 21:12:38 -0700 From: onetime Subject: Ray's Circle - Chapter 1: Dare to Compare Chapter One Dare to Compare two years ago... One Friday night, while Tommy was staying over at Ray's house, a couple months after Ray's and Tommy's fourteenth birthdays, they passed a milestone together. Or what would have been Ray's fourteenth birthday, had he been born a day earlier, or later. Damned leap years. Still he had been around and keeping his parents busy for fourteen years. At eighteen, Tommy's older brother, Jon, was a font of wisdom and experience. At least to the younger boys. He was also an excellent source of porn magazines. Ray had gotten some very potent, bright green grass after school that day and the two boys had smoked two, nice, big, fat doobies while flipping through the magazine, looking at the pictures nymphets art of couples having sex nymphets porn teen porn and reading the stories to each other. By eight o'clock it nymphet thong gallery was certain it was going to be only Tommy and Ray this Friday night. A first since the group started meeting at Ray's house on Friday nights for sleepovers almost a year ago. The weather was cold and rainy and most of the guys were sick at school that day, so it was no surprise that it would be a small turnout. Both boys had been laying on their fronts, side by side on the floor, shirtless while smoking and reading. The upstairs was always warmer than the rest of the house, and with the window open and a fan in it to blow the smoke board3 nymphette from the doobies out, they had opened the furnace register all the way to keep it warm in the room. None of the circle of friends gave any thought to taking off their shirts when around each other anyway. Except for Ray. Ray had thoughts about the guys taking their shirts off around each other. He had thoughts about that all the time. They had been going through the magazine for nearly an hour before Ray noticed that Tommy was sort of rocking his hips up and down. For a moment Ray was stunned. Tommy nymphette free pics had apparently not noticed that Ray had seen what he was doing, as he was still looking intently at the magazine, reading another story, and slowly raising and lowering his hips. Ray's dick jumped in his shorts and his breath caught in his throat. He was tingling like never before and he could feel his pulse swelling his hard-on again and again with each beat of his heart. He could also feel his face getting very hot and he knew he was blushing. His breath caught in his throat and he had to sort of cough to clear it. Tommy glanced over and saw how red Ray was and asked, "Dude, what's the matter?" nymphet pedo ru around a snicker. "Well, nothing! I just had a frog in my throat! Geeze!" Ray replied, a little too loudly. Sharing a laugh, they finished the second doobie of the night, blowing the smoke toward the fan in the window to be blown out over the side yard and into the cold, damp, night air. "Man, I am so toasted," Tommy said, "Got cotton-mouth too! I need a soda, wanna get us some?" Now, Ray too had cotton-mouth, and was indeed willing to get a couple sodas, but was not about to stand up with a woody raging in his pants. In the group, probably. Not just with the two of them though. Especially not with Tommy. Alone. Even thought he had fantasized about similar situations dozens of times, if not hundreds. nymphets peeing "Man, not right now. How about we wait a few?" Ray offered, hoping his dick would go down soon. "Yea, okay," Tommy answered. "So, what'cha wanna do now?" He rested the right side of his face on his crossed forearms and started subtlety humping the floor again. "How about some teevee?" Ray nymphets boys nude asked, already reaching for the remote. "There has to be something ukrainian nymphet girls on..." he said, rolling onto his right side, away from Tommy and nymphets thumbnails messages facing the television across the room. "Umm, can I ask you something?" Tommy asked hesitantly. "Yea, sure, what?" Ray replied coolly, flipping through the channels, even though he was about as nervous as he could remember ever being. "Well. Umm...." nymphets lola info "What?" Ray asked, nearly dropping the remote. "Man, you, like, you know..." "What?" Ray asked, laughing and turning around to smile at Tom behind him. "Uh, you got a rager?" Tommy finally asked, blurting it out in a rush. "Um, like, okay, yea, I do. You satisfied?" Ray answered. He had been hoping to let his peenie go soft, but now that Tommy had asked such a question Ray felt nymphets 13yo his organ begin to pulse again. "Well, I ask cause, well, like, man, I got a huge one going man!" Tommy said, holding back more nervous laughter. Ray snickered and turned back towards the television. At fourteen, Ray was still in his "I'm not gay, just curious and it's natural and I will out grow it soon" phase. He still believed he would find girls sexy and no longer think about boys someday soon. Lately though, he had noticed how much he wanted to stare in gym class. Being a freshman in high school, he had started having to change in gym along with the other kids this year, take showers after class and dress again, right next to all the other boys and their various sized swinging dicks and balls. Nearly every day, Ray had to concentrate not to pop a boner while all that naked skin and those dangling dicks moved around him. He stealthily compared smooth, hairless crotches to the ones with patches or even full bushes. He compared the long, swinging cocks to the smaller, shorter weenies. He even kept a surreptitious eye on the wide range of sacks the boys exhibited. He often found himself thinking about boys when he was playing with himself at night. Lately, the boys had taken more and more of his fantasy time. Ray had noticed his friends' bodies lately as well. Especially his closest friend, Tommy. Tommy had a slightly chubby frame, was a bit short, had straight black hair and very pale skin with deep brown, almost black eyes. Not what anyone would call really asian nymphets pics sexy, but because Ray and Tommy were such close friends, he had developed more than just friendship feelings for Tommy. Of course, Ray was in no way even considering saying anything to him, as much as he would like to. Ray liked Tommy and wanted be friends more than risk that for a faint possibility. He was pretty sure Tommy would not tell anyone anything, even if Ray told him he was in love with him and wanted to do things that the guys and girls asian young tiny nymphets do in the magazines. Ray and Tommy were very best friends. Working up the courage, and wanting to say something before the subject changed, Ray asked, "So, you like jerk off?" surprising Tommy. "Uh, well, duh dude!" Tommy replied. This answer was no surprise Ray as the subject had come up many times in the Friday night sleepovers before. Even dares to 'jerk it' had been made, and dares were rarely refused. Of course, the jerking never lasted more than a few seconds in the group when the dare was made. Just enough to satisfy the 'jerk it' dare. "Yea, man, there is nothing like a good jerk-off session, is there?" Ray probed. "Well, no, there ain't. Nothing, man." " Is that sorta what you were doing to my floor a minute ago?" Ray asked, surprising himself this time. "Uh," Tommy delayed, looking back down at the closed magazine and moving it around in a small circle with one finger. "Yea, sorta. It feels good, but not like jerking off. Ain't you done that too?" "Done what? Rubbed my hard-on on the floor?" Ray asked. "Well, ya, man. It feels pretty damned hot!" Tommy answered "Get you off, you know, all the way?" Ray inquired, rolling away from the teevee completely and facing his friend. "If I do it long enough, ya. But you have to do it for like, forever, man," Tommy said, looking back at his friend. "So, uh, are you still, all 'up' and stuff?" Ray asked, again surprising himself. He leaned his shoulders back just a bit and rolled forward on his hips the slightest amount. Proving he was still all 'up' and stuff. Ray's eyes drifted to Tommy's nymphets nude crotch where a slightly visible bulge hinted that perhaps Tommy was too. "Yea, man, I am like so hard I could drive a nail into concrete!" Tom said, laughing. His hand moving to stoke his constrained pecker. "Dude, I know what you mean," Ray said, not sure at all what to say next, hoping Tommy would keep the conversation going. Suddenly, Ray had an idea, nymphet sex video more of a hope, come into his head. When the group was together it wasn't unusual to be groping themselves. Ray and Tommy had been friends before the group formed and they were together quite often outside the group. Much to Ray's regret, Tommy just didn't seem to be as outgoing sexually when he was alone with Ray. Ever since admitting he was attracted to Tommy, Ray had always wanted to mess around with him. It was impossible while the group was in session, but when not in the group, Tommy wouldn't pick up his end of any sexual talk Ray brought up. Tommy always found ways to change the subject or avoid it. Tonight Tommy brought it up, and Ray wanted to take advantage of that. He knew more smoke would only help, so he pulled his stash from his pocket and started cleaning and rolling on the magazine. He had flipped it over on its front and was rolling on the back of it. There was a picture right near where he was cleaning the weed, a picture of a guy with a dark patch and a long, thick dick getting licked by a blonde chick. Ray wondered what Tom's dick really looked like. One could hardly be young angels nymphet a teenaged boy with other teenaged boy friends and not see other peckers free nymphet gallaries from time to time. Either a peek during a pee in the school johns, or longer, more daring exposures in the forest preserves. During sleepovers, a full moon with crater wasn't an unusual site upon waking last. The worst though, was when the Friday night gathering of The Circle was over at Tom's and illegal little nymphet his older brother, Jon would bbs nymphets forum top perform one of his infamous "Specials" on some unlucky victim. But is that unlucky, or lucky, Ray thought. By now, Ray had nymphets sex models seen the member of every member of The Circle, as well as all the ones in the school showers. Ray had seen every one of The Circle peeing and squatting in the woods at least three or four times. More than once the members had 'compared on a dare'. But Ray had never seen any of their cocks fully exposed, with his balls hanging in view, all up close and personal. Sure galleries illegal nymphets a peek now and then kept him up to date on who was developing at what rate, but it was merely a tease. Tommy's appeared to be short and thin in those glimpses and short views Ray had experienced. Peeking over at Tommy's fingers, they were short and thick, and Ray had heard the rumors about a guys' fingers and feet. Tommy wore a small shoe size, too. Ray couldn't help but wonder many times if Tommy had a short dick. The few short peeks he had managed to get only revealed the tip and head, never much if any of the shaft. Tommy rarely accepted nymphet portal ukraine the 'jerk it' dare, and when he did, he never showed his balls or got his dick hard. And Ray had never seen Tommy fully naked. Well, once, really quick, nudelittlenymphs when he dropped his towel coming out of the shower at the pool. That time Ray only got a quick impression of a lot of white skin around a patch of black hair prettens nude nymphets and of something pinkie-sized in the center with a small sack barely visible. "If I ask something, will you never, ever, even under torture, EVER say anything?" Tommy asked, so quietly, acrobatic nymphets top Ray had to intently listen. "Dude, you could tell me you were gay and I wouldn't even hint at it to a soul, living or dead, I not only promise, I swear on everything I've ever loved or wanted," Ray answered, hoping that was exactly what Tommy was about to say. He lit nymphet gallery underage the joint, took a hit and passed it to Tommy. "No, not gay dude, you art angels nymphets freak, you wish! But there is something I want to talk about, and you have to swear to silence, man, like totally," Tommy repeated as taking his hit. "Dude, I swear and swear," Ray choked out while taking a hit. Then after holding his breath for a few seconds added, "Not another living person will ever hear what you tell me." "Well, I don't really wanna tell you anything, I just, well..." "Come on man, trust me. You know you can," Ray prompted. "And hit that bad boy," he continued, nodding ls nymphet previews at the joint Tommy still held. "Okay. I trust you more than anybody, so okay. I...man, this is tough!" "Hey, just out with it. Afraid I might make fun of you? You know I would if it weren't serious, but since this obviously is, you know I won't." "Yea" "Well? Come on." After a pause, Ray added, "Then just take a hit and think about it." Tommy did as Ray suggested. He took a slow, long, deep hit nymphet girls naked and passed the joint to Ray. Ray paused before taking his hit and passing it back to Tommy, who exhaled explosively and took several breaths before taking another hit. skinny nymphette Ray exhaled his hit and said, "Take your time, just, like, tell me when you're ready..." Tom held the joint to his lips, paused, then moved his hand holding the joint down and away from his lips and quickly blurted out, "Dude, can I jerk off right now?" After getting the words out, still gazing at the ceiling, Tommy took a long hit. Ray's eyebrows shot up. "Oh! You mean, like, go ahead and just do it?" Ray asked as his nymphets freedom bbs dick felt nymphet nubiles galleries like it was trying to do gymnastics in his shorts. "Sorta. Man, looking at that mag and those doobies got me really hot. And you know, I didn't get to wank it since Tuesday!" Tommy said before taking a hit and passing the joint. "Really? I like have to do it everyday!" Ray said. "Me too! But my little brother has been staying in my room since Sunday since he broke his bed. He's been sleeping right next to me!" innocent nymphet nymphets Tommy said, frustration clearly showing in his voice. "I hadn't thought of that! So you like haven't even done it in the shower or anything?" "Man, you know how my house is! I don't get long enough tiny petite nymphets in the bathroom to do anything! I have to be in and out in like ten minutes! I tried to be alone in the garage last night but dad wanted to work on the car and it was looking like rain so nymphets angels porn pics he came out and we worked african nymphets illegal fucking on the car and I ended up greasy and was going to shower before bed but Star Trek was on and after it I just barely got into my room before I just said screw it and went to sleep." He emphasized the last sentence with vigorous tugs to his jewels. "Wow, you got blue balls bad!" Ray said, laughing again. "You know it," Tom said. "If I don't get off in like ten minutes, I am going to explode like the guy in Scanners!" nymphets porn land Laughing too loudly, both boys caught themselves and covered their mouths with their hands. Several passes of the joint later, "Sure. One thing, though," Ray said. "What?" Tommy asked, softly rubbing his groin. Ray couldn't believe he was going to say this. His heart was pounding, his mouth was dry, his head was swimming and his guts churning. Worst of all was how his privates almost hurt for release! "You gotta let me stroke off too," Ray said, scratching at the tip of his erection through his jeans, nearly choking on the words. "Dude, go for it!" Tommy said. "This is gonna be weird," Ray said excitedly, watching Tommy rubbing his front more obviously now. They had passed the joint back and forth until it was now nearly a stub, so Ray placed the roach on the magazine. "Yea, but we're best friends and like the magazines say, guys do it all the time with each other, it's normal and stuff," Tommy answered. "True," he said. Several years ago Ray had found a passage in one of the magazines on sexuality. It went on about preeteen nymphettes how many young men while in their teens and college have some sort of homosexual experience, that it was normal and didn't mean they were going to turn out gay. Ray had reminded everyone of it as casually as possible as often as possible without seeming to dwell on the point. He found it reassuring. Both boys fell silent for a while as they nervously played with their growing bulges openly in front of each other, snickering from time to time. Neither seemed to have the courage to be the first to take their pants down. Ray had more than once fantasized about very similar situations. His dick was doing cartwheels and back flips in his shorts. He knew he had leaked some pre-cum and that his shorts had a big wet spot right in front. He usually took care to position his tool pretty much straight up in his shorts when he dressed. He found that this prevented an unexpected hard-on from poking sideways and being as obvious. Right now his dick was throbbing and pulsing in time to his racing heartbeat and the tingling had spread from his groin to his toes and scalp. This was almost as good as what Ray hoped to someday do to, hot nymphet 14 or with, Tommy. Right now Tommy was rolling onto his back with his right arm behind his head and his left hand rubbing faster and harder at his crotch. Ray rolled onto his nymphet dark cp back too, keeping a sly eye on Tommy's lower half. It all just photo gallery nymphet seemed to unfold, independent of him. as Ray turned his head toward Tommy and saw that he had been looking at what Ray sexy nymphet models was doing to himself too. Wow, Ray though, maybe he wants to see mine as bad as I want to see his. Ray's mind began to work in overdrive, trying to figure a way to share a good look at each other's tools. Another idea came to him. "Hey, Tommy, I got an idea, if you're up to it," Ray offered. "Well, man, we are watching crazy nymphets bbs each other feel ourselves up. What would I not be 'up' to?" Tommy asked laughing quietly. "Well, there is something I've kinda been curious about," Ray said slowly. "What would that be? How far I shoot my wad?" Tommy asked. "Oh man! Not really!" Ray said quickly, even though that too had entered his thoughts from time to time over the past years. "Man, what I was wondering, was, well, you know that phrase that goes something like "Big hands, big feet, big dick?" "Yea, heard it," Tommy replied. "Well, I wonder if there is any truth to it. I've always wondered, you know, if it was bull shit or not," Ray stated. "Well, okay, we can kind of find out I guess," Tommy said, propping himself up on his left elbow and holding his right hand out, palm down between them. "Okay," Ray said, placing his hand on top of Tommy's. After moving their hands around, wild nymphet bbs placing them palm-to-palm, back-to-back and finally palm-to-back, they came to the conclusion that Ray had longer fingers by quite a bit, but that Tommy's fingers were thicker. "How about feet?" Ray asked. "I wear size nine." "Sevens," Tommy said, a bit downcast. "Huh. So, supposedly, I should have the bigger dick, then," Ray concluded. "Yea, guess so," Tommy replied. "Man, not like either of photobucket nymphet jpg us are done growing, huh? Remember Roger?" Ray asked. "Your cousin? Ya, so?" "Well, once we compared our weens, dude," Ray confessed. "No way!" Tommy said in disbelief. "Yea, dude, when I went down for vacation last summer, he was way taller than me!" Ray proclaimed when he saw the disbelief on Tommy's face. "Is that when you, art rompl nymphet like, compared?" Tom asked. "Yea, a couple days before I came home. We got stoned on some good stuff and was looking at porn and talking about how he was nn model nymphets taller than me and stuff and I like, well, said about the same thing, you know, about hands, feet and dick size." "And?" Tommy asked. "Well, he was like, you won't believe me, so, right then, he just reached down, unzipped and whipped it out!" "And??" "Dude, I swear, it was like massive! I was all, like wow! I asked him if he ever measured it, and he said yea, all the time, over seven big, long inches dude! Roger, a seven inch dork!" "NO FUCKING WAY!" Tommy hissed. "Yea, fucking way! That's what I said too. He stood up with his dork hanging out of his fly, reached into the bed nymphet naked pictures table drawer, pulled out a ruler and handed it to me and said 'See for yourself'" "Well, did you?" "Yea, I stuck it right up to his dick and pushed it into his pubes and looked down from above it. Exactly seven inches! And it wasn't even really hard, it was sorta soft and barely stood out, it almost just hung down!" "I don't believe it!" Tommy stated. "Believe it!" Ray remembered what else had transpired after that point, but there was no way he was ready to relate that tale to anyone. And so much more had happened, that time, and every other time the boys were together for vacations, major holidays or other times the family members traveled to the other's home. "What about his hands and feet thing?" Tommy asked. "His hands were way bigger than mine and he was wearing size thirteen tennies!" Ray said. "Wow," Tommy said, laying back down. "Yup. Shit-head." "Cool, so I have hope, hahahaha!" Tom laughed. "So, you mean, your dork matches your fingers and shoes?" Ray said, his cock twitching in his shorts yet again, the warm moisture down there spreading. "See for yourself," Tommy said, both hands shooting to the waist button of his jeans, unfastening and unzipping in one swift motion. He lifted his hips and shoved his jeans and white Fruit-of-the-Looms down to his knees, then laying back, put both hands under his head and smiled at Ray. Ray's eyes never left the area of Tommy's crotch from the moment Tom first opened his jeans. He stared. He forgot to breathe. His dick tried to escape his shorts and fly around the bedroom. His hand remained over his crotch, and he could feel through the jeans that his dick was harder than ever before. He could feel the skin of his peen stretching to accommodate the raging boner. Ray could almost swear he could feel his dick growing too large for the skin to contain! Wait, was that wetness seeping through his jeans now? Tommy's dick was indeed short, about four and a half inches, maybe five. There was a nice bush of black hair all around the base, some hair evident on his sack. Tommy's white skin made the black hair seem all that more dark. Tommy's dick was curved upward towards his stomach, and circumcised. The shaft was panties nymphet pale white, turning pinkish in the circumcision area surrounding the base of the head. And what a head, Ray thought. It was very different from Ray's own. Tommy's head was short and stubby, even more so than the overall package. It was wider than it was long and much wider than the thickness of the shaft. And knobby to boot. Tommy's balls and sack were small compared to Ray's own, but that didn't surprise Ray any, he knew from the school showers that his nuts were very generously proportioned. Tommy's sack was sparsely covered with short, black hairs. His balls looked to be about the size of a nickel and the sack gave them little slack. pretee nymphets As Ray stared, enraptured, Tommy's dick twitched and bounced slightly, forming a glistening drop of clear fluid at the slit in the tip. The hole was deep red, more a slit than a hole, and it was open, not closed. And those balls, so smooth and small, tidy seeming. That there was no hair on the thighs made the nymphet teen angel black pubic hair seem even darker still. Ray remembered to breathe. The boys shared a quiet laugh, making Tommy's hard dick jump up and down against his white belly. The head barely reached above the patch of pubic hair. Ray rubbed his own crotch carefully. He was experienced enough to know that if he pretty little nymphets links wasn't careful he would blow a great big wad in his shorts before he and Tommy were done with this little game. And now he was certain he was leaking pre-cum right through the fly of his jeans. Tommy reached down with his left hand and grasped his shaft, quickly stroking it up and down about a dozen times. More clear pre-cum gathered at the slit and Tommy expertly rubbed it off with his thumb and wiped it absently on the carpet. "Yea, but it won't get in very deep," Tommy said. "I bet it nymphets and tgp won't matter. I mean, it won't matter!" Ray offered. "Yea, well, you are looking at mine, so, let's see yours now," Tommy said, propping himself back up inocent xxx underage nymphets on his right elbow. Ray's ween jumped at the prospect. He could feel the sensation of top nymphet bbs more pre-cum sliding up inside it. "Yea, only fair," Ray said, moving his hands to the waist button of his jeans. His hands shook like the branches in a tree during an earthquake and he had trouble getting the button open. His breath came in shorter gasps and his mouth romanian nymphets was so dry his tongue was sticking to the roof of his mouth. His shaking hands unzipped his jeans and he slowly lifted his butt off the floor and slid his jeans down to expose his white briefs. They were soaked through. His head was clearly visible through the now translucent tidies. Then he lifted the elastic band of his briefs and pulled them down. His dick was throbbing and pulsating and a line of pre-cum strung out from his weeping hole to the band of his briefs. It finally snapped as the waistband passed over his balls. Ray got his briefs down to where his jeans were pulled to mid-thigh. "There you go," Ray said around what felt like an entire mouth of dry towels. "Wow, makes mine look like a guppy," Tommy said, leaning a bit towards Ray. "And, man, you are like almost cumming already!" Ray was quite happy with his peen. Also circumcised, his six inches were straight and smooth. His head was only slightly wider than the shaft and only because of the spreading width of the ridge running around the head. The shaft was the same teenmodel nymphets pale as the rest of his skin, but the circumcision area was darker in color, but not as dark as the engorged and raging head. It was nearly as dark red as a burn. It seemed to compliment the red pubic hair, sparse as it was. Tommy was slowly stoking his cock while staring at Ray's raging boner. little hot nymphets "Cool," Tommy said. "Thanks," Ray replied. "You ready to do this?" Tommy asked, laying back again and showing real interest in masturbating in earnest. "Hell yea!" Ray said, while thinking, Hell yea, let me suck that bad boy! Ray would have done anything to have been able to say that out loud. He and Tommy had, more times than they could count, talked sex and about girls. Tommy was crazy for Helen at school and made frequent gay jokes and poked fun at anything queer. Ray was certain Tommy was in no way gay. There was no way Tommy would go for a blow job, Ray thought. Sighing, Ray laid back and followed Tommy's lead. Neither boy said a petite nude nymphetes word as they wanked themselves like they had just discovered the act for the first time. 16 yo russian nymphet Ray wanted so badly to reach over and take Tommy's dick in hand and stoke it for him. Stroke him until Tommy shook and moaned and groaned and blew his wad in Ray's hands. He wanted so badly to rub and fondle Tommy's small balls and feel their slippery weight and mass rolling around in his fingers. He wanted to feel Tommy's splooge and rub in all over Tommy's balls and cock and inhale the scent deeply. Oh, gawd, I want to soooo bad! Ray though to himself, watching Tommy stroke himself. Ray's cock was hot in his own hands he knew if he jerked it hard and tight he would blow his wad in mere nymphet download seconds. That would end it young nude nymphetes too soon for Ray little nymphet nude models though. Ray used all his fingers in a loose grip, stroking from nymphets free galleries nude the base to the tip and even around the hole, his forearms fairly relaxed and his wrist loose. With his thumb and forefinger just meeting around his shaft and ridges, they barely brushed the widest areas, the circumference of the ridge around the head and the shaft near the head. The shaft tapered, or narrowed, just a bit as it connected with his body. Not much, but enough that when using a loose grip, there was little sensation past the circumcised area of the shaft. When dry, this light contact method made for an intensely velvety sensation, one Ray particularly liked. Ray rarely used a grip tight enough to move the skin up and down with the strokes, but when he did, it always worked just fine. Tommy, on the other hand, used mostly his forefinger and thumb and he concentrated on the area around the ridges of his head and the top of the shaft. His upper body and forearms were taught and tensed. His fingers and thumb tightly gripped his shaft and soon all his fingers were tightly wrapped around his almost five inch cock. Tommy was beating his cock like a jockey on racehorse on the track. As Ray watched Tommy pound his meat so intently, he sighed to himself softly and felt so content. Inside he flowed along the surface of the events as if directed by some nude preeten nymphs invisible track. After nearly a minute, Tommy stroked his full cock length a few times and then grabbed his cock near the bottom and pulled the skin up and down the shaft with his fist in a slower motion. "Man, why does it feel so good?" Tommy mumbled and started to increase the speed he was stroking to. He rolled more onto his right side, making his balls roll sideways onto his thigh. In a couple underage nasty nymphets more strokes they got between his speeding fist and he jerked his ass backwards quickly in surprise. "OOOh, that was cool," he said, looking downward. "What?" Ray asked, pausing in his own stroking and instead rolling his thumb and fingers over his head and wet hole. "I caught my balls between my fist and leg and it kinda hurt but felt good too!" Tommy said, the look of surprise still on his face along with a smile. "Oh, like that never happened before?" "No, not really, not and hurt but feel so good too. I was pounding and got a nut and wow!" "Ever do it like a dog? My nymphets shock balls get swinging real good! They slap around and stuff and that feels great!" Ray said, getting onto his hands and knees. "Watch this..." Ray got comfortable on his knees and left hand on the floor and started stroking his cock very loosely and quickly. His balls hung well down past his fist. He tightened his grip and moved his skin up and down his shaft. When his fist reached the low point on his shaft and was down in his bush he moved his hips back and held his fist in the same location so that his dick slid nymphet lo guestbook down through his hand until the head was in his palm. Then he rocked nymphet art models his hips forward until his fist bottomed out nymphets free samples in his bush and repeated this a few times, slowly, to find the right setup. In a few seconds he was rocking forward and back in a rhythm that made his large balls swing back between his legs and back forward to slap his fist solidly. little nymphets pic fuck Soon the rhythm was going smoothly and the loud 'thwack-slap' mesmerized Tommy. "Oh, dude, I gotta try that! I always lay down and do it, I never even though of that!" Tommy said and rapidly assumed the position, only altering hands, using his left to stroke little nymphet nudes and resting on his right. Ray was holding back laughter watching Tommy. It was so damned sexy! He could smell Tommy's body odor. Not a new smell, but there was seemingly an added aroma. Ray inhaled deep as he leaned a bit towards Tommy, keeping his timing and feeling his cum gathering. His head was tingling sharply even when his fist was buried deep in his bush. Every once in a while Ray would loose the rhythm and his balls would falter in their timing, but he got his balls slapping again soon. What he was trying british little nymphets not to laugh about was Tommy. Or, rather, Tommy's balls. Ray kept a good grasp of his rod as he stopped thrusting and leaned down to see up between Tommy's nymphet nn pics legs where his balls hung. The increased pressure in his abdomen and the spreading of his ass cheeks encouraged a good bit of pre-cum to start oozing and dangling out of his hole. Ray shivered and inhaled, sighing loudly. Tommy's sack was more wrinkly than Rays and much smaller, the skin almost hugged each jewel. There was little slack and Tommy's balls only swung a small amount, despite his violent efforts to get the pendulous swing Ray easily created. Still, Ray watched for a while as Tommy tried the new position out, smiling widely, breath coming in short, shallow rhythm. Tommy's white, nearly perfect teeth stood out, surrounded by the darkest of the skin on most of him, his red lips. They were thin, sure, and narrow around Tommy's small mouth. But red, dark red now that Tom was in full fuck mode. Ray wondered what kissing those lips would be like. More tingling in his shaft as it swelled a bit. His dick was getting quite ready so he changed back to a slower speed and used a slightly tight grip just around the base, ignoring the head and now super-sensitive ridges for a while. "Fuck, man, my balls are too small to even swing like that! You're just a freak, man," Tommy said, smiling as he looked Ray in the face. "Dude, I'm just well hung, what can I say, huh?" Ray replied, smiling just as widely. "They always up tight like that?" "Huh? Yea, sorta. I mean, secret nymphets bbs they never hang as far as yours look cute nymphet pics to. And your nuts look like acorns, man!" Ray sat nymphet nonude pics down, facing Tommy, cross legged and slowly and softly moved his fist preeteen nymphet porno photos from tip to bush. "They suck, sometimes, man," Ray said, loosing some of his smile. "Why?" "Dude, imagine these boys in boxers. They get all around down there, get caught, hairs get caught, nuts get twisted, fuck!" Ray intoned. "Oh, I bet, yea, man," Tommy replied, thinking. "So, I don't like boxers either. But not nymphets nude archives because of any of that but the hair too sometimes. Just too loose. I pop a woody in boxers and everyone knows it! Tighties keep it up against me and not poking out!" "True. You should just try something else. Lay on your little nymphet innocent russian side. All the way on your side. Like that, yea," Ray said, directing Tommy until he was lying, facing Ray, on his right side. nymphetsillegalpreview "Now, bend your knees more. Yea. Now grab it and stroke it and let your balls hang on your leg. Yea. Now rock your hips instead of pumping your fist. No. Yea, you got it," Ray said and started fucking his fist the same way, lying on his left side so they faced each other. They lay there, faces less than a foot apart, knees nearly touching, fucking their fists and drifting with the current. Facing eye to eye, they rocked hips to fists, smiling and breaking eye contact to watch each others movements. Each looked downward to see the other boy's cock head-on as it slid in and out of the fist. Tommy brought his hand to his mouth and transferred some spit to his palm then grabbed hold of his cock again and returned to fucking his fist. Tommy's knobby head on its short shaft rarely made it fully out of his closed fist. Tommy had never done it this way before. In fact, he had pretty much done it only one way before; on his back. A handful of times he had done it standing in the shower or bushes or other odd one-time places. Once or twice a day, morning and night, in bed, on his back. Fast and furious. Tommy usually grabbed as tight as he could and held on tight, beating furiously. After discovering lube, lotion and spit, Tommy never bothered with a dry stroke again. little girl nymphet pics "Eeeesh! Gonna blow!" Tommy said already, fucking even faster, his head now a deep purple. The sensation of his balls being thumped as his hips pushed forward into his fist was sending Tom into a fantastic orgasm. "I'm not far nymphets chld behind ya dude," Ray said, his eyes locked onto Tommy's cock, hoping to burn the image of Tommy's orgasm into his memory for all time. A task he succeeded at. nude nymphet ******** "Yes....yes.....oh, man, yea!" Tommy panted, his hips bucking to meet his fist. "There, I'm thereeeeeeeeeee........." Tom moaned as his wad blew out of his tool and landed almost a foot from his fist and cock. "Man, yes, oooooooo," as another shot landed between where the first one had landed and where Tommy lay; a round, partially clear and partially white blob of cum laying on the dark blue carpet. "Mmmmmmmmmmmmm, ooooooooooo!" and a third barely shot out and landed below Tommy's fist. The last few releases oozed out of the slit and over Tommy's thumb as he slowed his pumping and shivered violently. The last two were mostly nude nymphet tgp clear with only streamers of white in it akt nymphets which spread out and over the head, making sloppy sounds that caused Ray's dick to twitch and quiver. With a profound sigh, Tommy collapsed onto his nymphet angel tgp side like a wet sack. "Fuck, dude, that was forum nymphet pics a fine-ass orgasm man!" Ray said, fucking his nymphets picture own fist a little faster and tighter. "I'm gonna do better, though," Ray said as his toes curled and his ankles popped loudly. Ray's ass hole twitched in anticipation of release. "Damn, gonna....blow....like....a....volca.....no!" Ray grunted, his back arching further, his pumping hips causing his balls to slap loudly from his fist and thighs both. Tommy heard and understood what Ray just said. He was going to blow better, and Tommy had almost hit Ray with his first shot. Tommy wriggled away a couple inches, hoping that was far enough. shy nymphets porn Ray's first explosion landed just about six or seven inches away from his fist. "Fuck, shit and damn, yes!" Ray moaned, pulling his hips back, his balls swinging. Ray thrust in with his hips nymphet 14 teen just as his second shot ejected. It landed, a white rope of cum, trailing across the carpet to nearly where the first had landed.. "Ughhhhhnnnnnnn" Ray moaned and ejected his third pulse mid-way up his fist, nymphets hairy a white string of cum hung off his forefinger. "More, gonna blow more, yes!" and a fourth surge pushed off the first, mixing with it, forming a longer, thicker sting of white rope. It swung with the movement of his fist which he was trying to hold still as he brought his hips forward again. The streamer of cum now almost hung to the carpet. "Fuck, dude, you gonna pump dry?" Tommy asked. nymphets bb models nude Tommy's voice brought the reality of what was happening into a suddenly sharp focus for Ray, intensifying the moment. Ray's mind finally locked in the fact that Tommy had just cum right in front of him, and he was about to blow in front of Tommy. Suddenly, his balls drew up further and tighter, and he felt the churning of an orgasm begin again, as if he was starting over. It brought him to a climax like he had yet to experience. He could feel the jism raging upward as if it were a collection of small ball bearings being forced through a garden hose under high pressure. But slowly, as if a blockage ahead prevented a faster flow. It almost hurt, it was so intense. "uggggghnnnnnnn, more..." Ray mumbled and his fifth shot just cleared the dangling rope and landed almost a foot away, further than the first ones. "Ahhhh, unnnnnnnnngh," Ray moaned, his back now arched like a gymnast in a backbend, his left hand and arm curled across his chest, his fingers locked into a claw. The last two ejections remained in his fist, coating his fingers and head in it and increasing the sloppy sound as Ray nymphet teens thumbnails moved his cock through his fist a few more times. The dangling rope of cum was naughty russian nymphets still glistening like white quartz, gently rocking back and forth, now more than halfway to the floor. Expelling a loud breath in a shudder, Ray rolled onto his back and the dangling streamer fell against his left thigh and across his now partially retracted balls. It then spread across his thigh as his shrunken sack rolled into the valley between his spreading legs. Another twisting trail of cum hung from Ray's fist and cock and slowly dripped onto his lightly populated patch of red-brown pubic hair as he gently squeezed and released pressure on his deflating shaft. "Hot damn!" Tommy exclaimed. "That has to be like a record!" "Ahhhhhhh," Ray exclaimed with his eyes closed. "That was the best it's ever felt," Ray said softly. "Mine was good, too," Tommy said, laying back fully, still fondling his goodies. "Yours was cool," Ray said. "Especially the way it came out in even shots, like bullets, that was cool!" "I thought yours was cooler, all stringy and stretchy and ropey and stuff," Tom whispered. "Hey, your still shaking," Tom added. "Yea, guess so," Ray said aloud. And if you knew why, small nymphets sites you would freak out, he thought to himself. Ray had been off in ecstatic bliss when Tom had exclaimed "hot damn". His voice and the sudden realization sent him into a state of sexual excitement he had not experienced before. Maybe except the first time or so, but differently superior. He had been wanting Tommy for a long time. Now he had him, in a small way. Ray lay there, exhausted, but still excited and nearly in shock. He could smell the cum, the funk was heavy in the air. He could make out his own spunk smell as well as the strange, new smell, more musky than his own. Enjoying the comedown from a new level of sexual release, Ray had no words. He wanted to say something profound, or at least assuring. He felt the need to say something, but had no idea litlle russian lola nymphets what to say. None, nothing. Tom sighed and sat up enough to grab his shorts and jeans. Ray watched out of the corner of his eyes, suddenly panicked that Tom was putting it away already. Ray wanted to just lean over and tongue-bathe the cum off of Tom. "Wait a sec," Ray said quickly, too quickly, before he had thought of what to say to delay Tom a bit longer, to extend the view of a lifetime. "Uh, I wanna check something out," Ray said, thinking of the ruler in his book bag. After wiping his hand on the shirt he had tossed on the bed earlier, he got the ruler out of his bag, and while still holding his shorts and jeans at mid-thigh, Ray sat down next to Tom and reached out with the ruler. "What the hell, dude?" Tom asked, slightly moving to cover his privates. Ray panicked even more. He had to touch Tom's steaming cock, fell the warm, fresh, sticky cum. Somehow secret a small amount on a finger to nymphets hardcore alfa smell and taste it. Maybe manage to accidentally get some on the ruler without having Tommy notice. "I wanna measure ls bbs nymphetes it," Ray said. "It's soft now, and sticky, do it some other time," Tom offered. Ray watched, sadly, as the cum disappeared into Tom's shorts; lost, gone, wasted. "It'll just take a sec and it don't matter, mine's soft too, so it is even," Ray said. "Look, okay, but tomorrow morning. I want to measure it right, nice and hard and fairly," Tom demanded, buttoning and zipping up. Ray smiled, "Deal dude." "Now, how about those sodas?" Tom asked.
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